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Daily School Procedures

The school day begins at 9:15am -and ends at 4:00pm. The FCI front office is open from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm during the school year. 

You can reach the FCI front office by dialing (317) 915-4220.   

Reporting Absences, Late Arrivals, and Early Dismissals 
Parents and Guardians, please notify the front office of any change to your child’s attendance. You can do this in one of several ways: 

  1. Leave a message on our attendance line by calling (317) 915-4228.  
  2. Email FCI office staff:  
  3. Send a note to school with your child to give to the teacher.  

It is important that you leave detailed information including the items below regardless of which method you choose to communicate: 

  • student's first and last names with spelling 

  • teacher's name 

  • grade 

  • reason for the absence - late arrival or early dismissal. (Please include a time for dismissal or approximate arrival if late.) 

Forgotten Items 

If a student forgets an item at home and it needs to be dropped off after school has begun, the item may be dropped off in the front office on the bookshelf. The person dropping off the item will fill out information on a sheet inside the school office and put a sticky note with student’s name on the item. The student’s teachers will be notified that an item was dropped off so the student can pick up the item from the shelf. The office staff will deliver items that have not been retrieved before the end of the school day. Please have student's first and last names, as well as the teacher's name on the item.  

Transportation Changes 

If you have already discussed a transportation change with your child prior to leaving for school, you do not need to call the office. 
For last-minute changes during the school day that your child is unaware of please call the office at 317-915-4220. All transportation changes must be received by 2:30 p.m. 

Early Dismissals 

Parents/Guardians must come inside the building to sign out their child. Photo ID is required to be provided to office staff every time students are signed-out. We will not release your child to anyone other than the legal guardians listed in Skyward without written or verbal permission. 

Volunteering at FCI

Please review the SafeVisitor information to learn more about the process and begin the steps for your background check.

Visitors/volunteers/chaperones MUST have a Safevisitor background check on file with Hamilton Southeastern Schools to be allowed to volunteer or chaperone in the building or for events.

Who Can Pick Up My Student(s)

If a student needs to leave early for any reason, only family and individuals listed on a student's approved Skyward list can pick up the student.

Under the "Family and Emergency Contact" tab in Skyward, list your approved people to pick up your student. Approved individuals must show a valid Driver's License.